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From Silk to Synthetic, Your Rug Needs Good Care & Repair

From Silk to Synthetic, Your Rug Needs Good Care & Repair

Whether your area rug is silk, wool, bamboo, handwoven or synthetic, we know that you care for it very much. Some of our customer’s rugs are valuable investments, others family heirlooms and some are gifts from loved ones, but they all have one thing in common - they are well cared for. And as we know, a good rug not just adds elegance and style to your home or office. That’s why they need good care and repair on a regular basis.

25 Years Rug Repair Experience

Here at Any time Carpets, we have over 25 years experience with green cleaning, repair and restoration services throughout the Hastings-on-Hudson and Westchester County locale. So if you’re looking for someone who can repair your area rug, don’t waste another moment - we are here for you.

We serve small families, medium sized businesses and large corporations but in all of our work we take the view that every client is entitled to only the best service.
For us, happy customers are returning customers, which is why we always go the extra mile. And whether you need a hole fixed, a fringe repaired or a full-scale restoration job, we can do it!

Gentle Organic Rug Cleaning That’s Gentle On Your Material

Our start-to-finish organic rug cleaning process includes the following:
Inspection - we try to find out your rug’s specific age and condition, so we can formulate a plan of action for its specific cleaning.
Dusting - a thorough dust will shake loose any grit and dirt lodged in the fibers.
Pre-Treatment - a gentle, organic conditioning pre-treatment for spots and stains is then applied. This sets to work on stains and odors.
Cleaning - depending on your rug’s material, we will treat it in one of two ways. Either we will use a deep immersion technique or dry clean it. With immersion, the rug is dipped into a pool of shallow water and then washed carefully, rinsed and then patted dry with soft towels. With dry cleaning, it is carefully cleaned - of course using organic products. Either way, you can be sure that after we are finished, all kinds of odors as well as red wine, grease and pet urine stains will be gone forever.
Drying - we then take the rug into a drying room, which is climate-controlled and humidity free. This gives it a chance to dry quickly and makes sure no mold and mildew form.
Grooming - the pile is aligned and fringes are straightened, and the rug given one last look-over.

Our gentle organic cleaning means your rug won’t just look amazing afterwards, but it will be free of unpleasant chemicals. And what can be better than that?

Rug Repair and Restoration Services To Keep Your Rug Looking Fabulous

However old your rug is and whatever material it has been woven from, it will have to deal with a certain degree of wear and tear as the months turn into years. Whether it’s in a high traffic area, being run on by kids, used by pets or simply aging, every rug faces a moment when it needs some repair and restoration. Good area rugs should last for years, so it’s an excellent idea to bring yours to ours when you see a small problem - that way we can stop it turning into a large problem!

Here at Any time Carpets, we have a reputation for quality workmanship across Hastings-on-Hudson and Westchester. Our staff are dedicated and have an eye for detail - there isn’t much we cannot fix, trust us!
Our rug repair and restoration techniques include: color restoration, hole fixing, binding, rug-resizing and fringe re-enforcement. Additionally, every time we fix a rug we wash it with our organic products first.

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